Motorola Skip unlocking accessory for Moto X official, will include three Skip dot stickers

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| August 16, 2013

Motorola Skip for Moto X colors

After first getting outed by a product page on Motorola's web store, the Motorola Skip accessory for the Moto X has been given a proper introduction. Motorola just officially announced the Skip on its official blog, and just as expected, the accessory is meant to make it easier for users with PIN-locked Moto X units to unlock their handsets.

The Motorola Skip is a small clip that can be attached to a user's clothing and, once tapped with its paired Moto X, will unlock the phone without requiring the user to input their PIN. The accessory will also include three Skip dots, which are small stickers that can be attached to a surface like a desk or car dashboard. These Skip dots can unlock a Moto X just like the regular Skip clip and also provide a "trusted zone" for the device's Touchless Controls.

Motorola will begin selling the Skip in gray once the Moto X launches, and according to the product page that was discovered last night, the device will retail for $19.99. Consumers that use the Moto Maker tool to create a custom Moto X will receive a Motorola Skip for a limited time. If you'd prefer your Motorola Skip to be just as colorful as your Moto X, Motorola says that it'll be adding colored versions of the Skip later in the fall.

As I said yesterday, some may think that paying $20 for an accessory that unlocks your phone sounds kind of silly. Most folks pull their smartphone out of their pocket quite a few times (39, according to Motorola) throughout the day, though, and so users with a PIN-locked Moto X could save quite a bit of time and hassle with a Skip. Plus, the fact that the Skip negates the need for a user to enter his or her PIN multiple times lessens the odds that others could figure out what that PIN is. The Moto X is expected to go on sale later this month.

Via Motorola