Verizon may have made a lot of people mad, but I don't think the One is too late

Anna Scantlin
Contributing Editor from  Kansas City, MO
| Published: August 16, 2013

The HTC One has certainly made a name for itself since its release. It's been acclaimed for its beautiful aluminum unibody housing, which is especially refreshing to see coming from an Android device. It has also been praised for certain design aesthetics, namely the front-facing BoomSound speakers. The HTC One has also found itself in controversial debates, especially about HTC's choice to use a 4-megapixel "UltraPixel" camera, which is supposed to make images look better by using a lower megapixel count but employing bigger sensors. Some say the UltraPixel camera works like a charm, and others claim that megapixels still matter, at least to a degree. All of this propels the HTC One into the spotlight in one way or another, and despite controversies many can agree that it's still one of the best Androids available on the market to this very day, five months after its initial release.

And five months later, customers on Verizon Wireless are finally going to be able to use the HTC One on "America's Largest and Most Reliable Network". But for many, the flagship device comes a little too late, as many were expecting Big Red to release it a little sooner than almost half a year after its initial debut. Why did Verizon wait for so long? Did it really ruin the amount of sales that the phone could have had? Without a doubt, the delay in release killed a lot of potential sales from Verizon Wireless customers, but for people who held out this long, I feel like the HTC One still hasn't reached "outdated technology", especially when we have underwhelming mid-range devices like Motorola's Moto X coming out just a day later and at the same price that the HTC One will be offered at.

Personally, after some consideration I feel like the HTC One is still coming in at a good time. At least, as good of a time as it can be without twisting the knife its already stabbed into its own leg. I really do think the HTC One lost a lot of sales from the #1 network in America by not releasing the device sooner, but you know what they say, "Better late than never," and definitely better late than September in this case. If Verizon and HTC had waited until after the events from Apple and Samsung I think they would be in a lot deeper trouble than they already are. But since that's (thankfully) not the case, we can at least deal with the fact that the HTC One, as it currently stands, is still one of the top phones on the market and certainly isn't outdated yet.

It's true that the mobile world seems to improve every other week, but in reality phones have a much longer shelf life than we give them credit for more often than not. While the HTC One might not be "top dog" (or even in the "top three") in a couple months' time, the phone is still going to have some features to entice buyers that other phones won't have. Front-facing speakers, and especially Zoe, aren't features that you're going to find in some of the more anticipated devices that we're looking forward to seeing later this year (except for the HTC T6, or "One Max", which is supposed to be the One with a bigger screen). The One still has the defining features that intrigued people about the device in the first place without any competition for them. Yeah, the processor is powerful and it's pretty cool that the device's lowest amount of memory starts at 32GB instead of the normal 16, but what really caught people's interest were those BoomSound speakers and certain features of the camera.

I really want to say that Verizon is too late. Don't get me wrong, I'm pretty angry at the fact that they haven't released it yet myself, and I've never even been a Verizon customer. I'm angry for you guys that have been helplessly waiting for an HTC One for months, because as my fellow editor Evan mentioned, several months is a really long time to a customer. But the bottom line is that the HTC One is still at a prime time, and I think that it still deserves a chance, even if Verizon is a little (or super) late getting it to the party.

Readers, what are your thoughts on the (now official) arrival of the HTC One on Verizon's network? Is it too late for the phone to gain any real traction on the carrier, or do you think the phone is still good enough to generate a decent amount of sales? Share your thoughts with me in the comments below!

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