New images of purported iPad 5 rear shell leak alongside more details on rumored gold iPhone 5S

Alex Wagner
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| August 18, 2013

iPad 5 rear shell leak

Ready for a couple of iOS device rumors to get you ready for the work week? I thought so. First up, some new images of what is said to be the rear shell of Apple's upcoming iPad have been posted to Chinese social network Sina Weibo. Originating on the page of user Xu Bolong, the photos show the rear panel of a silver iPad mini resting on top of a second, larger silver shell that looks like it would belong to a full-size iPad 5. The bottom of the larger shell sports a speaker and Lightning port layout that's similar to the one found on the iPad mini.

Rumors of a new full-size iPad with iPad mini-like looks have been floating around since January. Since then, we've seen both front and rear panels that may belong to the iPad 5, complete with rounded edges and narrow bezels. While still unconfirmed, such a design change could make sense for Apple because it would bring a more unified look to the iPad and iOS families and help to shrink the size of the full-size iPad. Daring Fireball's John Gruber recently suggested that Apple could be planning to introduce its new iPad models in October.

Moving on to smaller side of the iOS family, a report from MG Siegler has shed a bit more light on the rumored gold iPhone 5S. Siegler claims to have been told by "multiple sources" that Apple is indeed planning to introduce a gold-colored version of its next iPhone that will feature a more "subtle" shade that's akin to champagne. Rene Ritchie of iMore recently put together a quick mock-up of what the gold iPhone might look like, adding that he's also heard that such a device is in the works. That image is available below.

Apple has only offered the iPhone in either black or white to date, so the addition of a gold option would be a big change for the Cupertino firm. Only Tim Cook and Co. would know the true reasons for creating a gold iPhone 5S, but it's possible that the company will use the gold option as a way to make the iPhone 5S stand out from its similar-looking predecessor and appease consumers that would like a bit more color on their iOS smartphone. iMore also notes that gold is one of the easiest colors to anodize onto the iPhone's aluminum shell. Apple is expected to introduce the iPhone 5S (and possibly the lower-cost plastic "iPhone 5C") at an event on Sept. 10.

Gold iPhone 5S mockup

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