HTC One Max appears in leaked photo next to One mini and One siblings

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: August 19, 2013

HTC One Max, One mini, One fingerprint scanner leak

The HTC One Max is certainly no stranger to the camera, having smiled for some "in the wild" photographs on a couple of occasions. Today we've got another photo to add to the pile, but the big difference with this one is that while most of the One Max photos that've surfaced so far have shown the phone's front, this one gives us a peek at its rear.

Posted to Chinese forum ePrice, the leaked shot shows the already-official HTC One mini and One alongside its unannounced Max sibling. The One Max and its 5.9-inch display unsurprisingly dwarf its smaller siblings, and we can also see some sort of small square beneath the phone's camera. The source of the image claims that this could be a fingerprint sensor, which is a feature that we haven't really heard connected with the One Max yet, but there's no concrete evidence that that's the case.

The bottom right of this One Max unit also includes a trio of mysterious markings. They're too small for us to figure out exactly what they are, but the poster suggests that they could be for some sort of charging cradle.

Fingerprint scanners aren't new to the smartphone world, as the original Motorola Atrix on AT&T sported the feature way back in early 2011. We haven't seen many scanner-equipped phones since then, though, and right now it's not clear whether or not the One Max will even have one. There's certainly a chance that HTC could've snuck a fingerprint reader onto the back of its upcoming giganto-phone, but it's also worth noting that a recent One Max render (which was admittedly described as "non-final") had no such black square. Here's to hoping that, with HTC's recent "big things ahead" teaser and IFA coming fast, we'll get an official announcement of the One Max and its full feature set soon.

Via Android Police, ePrice

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