Featured user review Samsung Galaxy S 4 (8-20-13)

The PhoneDog
Mascot from  Charleston, SC
| Published: August 20, 2013

In an extremely close race between the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and Samsung Galaxy Note II, the S 4 took second by one viewer vote.  Who will win out next week and take the Tuesday featured user review?

"This phone is packed with features and pretty screenys"  By WILL TEADA on August 16, 2013

I have had this phone for about a month after some heavy debating on weather to get this or the HTC one. I finally pulled the trigger on the s4 and although i would still like to get the HTC one day this is a great phone. The processor is very snappy and responds quick, many have reported that it lags but i have had no such issues. The screen is one of the richest displays of any phone out right now, the colors are amazing and in my opinion second to none. The camera takes wonderful high quality pictures and video as well as offering many options in the camera options. The battery life is not great but not terrible either..i gave it a four but if i had the option i would have given it a 3.5. it will only last a day at best under heavy usage but you can remove it unlike the HTC one which is a HUGE plus. the call quality is great which was nice considering the last two samsungs i owned had less then stellar call quality. Many say that it feels cheap with the thin plastic back but i have dropped mine a few times and my wife actually dropped it about three feet onto gravel and it works great and has little to no visual markings. You cant go wrong with getting the s4. its a great phone and has so many options and features youll be busy for a month learning all that you can do with it. 

Display 5/5
Battery Life 4/5
Apps & Media Support 5/5
Reception & Call Quality 4/5
Design/Form Factor 4/5

Overall 4.4

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