Google Keep update brings reminders and other improvements, Chrome for Android also updated

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| August 21, 2013

Google Keep for Android update reminders

Take note, Google apps lovers on Android, because today El Goog announced noteworthy updates to a couple of its apps. First up is Google Keep, the company's note-taking app that first debuted earlier this year. Keep now features the ability to set reminders based on time or location. Reminders can be set for either a specific time or a general time of day, and the app will suggest nearby locations when the user starts to enter the name of a place. The reminders can also be snoozed when the user isn't ready to deal with an alert.

In addition to the new reminder feature, Google has made it easier for users to access their notes using a new navigation drawer that will show all of a person's upcoming reminders as well. The drawer also contains a switch to toggle between a user's personal and work accounts. Finally, the process of adding existing photos to a note has been simplified, allowing users to tap on a camera icon and then choose whether they'd like to take a new photo or add one from the Gallery.

Google also released an update to its Chrome for Android browser. The update bumps Chrome up to version 29.0.1547.59 and brings with it WebRTC, an API that allows for voice and video communication in a browser without the use of a plugin, as well as WebAudio, an API that enables developers to process audio in web apps. Also included with the update is a visual indicator when scrolling to the top or bottom of a page, a new color picker UI for web forms and improvements to startup performance, stability and scrolling responsiveness.

Both updates sound pretty spiffy, with Keep gaining a big new feature and Chrome getting itself some general performance improvements. It's not exactly a shock to see Google showing its apps some love, but it's still good to see the company continuing to improve both Keep and Chrome, and I'm sure that users of those apps are happy to be receiving some mid-week update pick-me-ups. Links to the Google Keep and Chrome app listings in Google's Play Store can be found below.

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