Oppo posts N1 countdown, teases that 'something wonderful will happen' once it reaches zero

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| August 27, 2013

Oppo N1 countdown timer

It looks like Oppo will be joining the parade of smartphone manufacturers that are introducing new hardware this fall. The company responsible for the Find 5, among other devices, has placed a countdown on its website for its upcoming "Oppo N1" smartphone. The page promises that "something wonderful will happen" when the timer runs out on Sept. 1, but there's no clue as to what that "something wonderful" might be. The company has also announced on its Facebook page that the Oppo N1 launch event will take place in Beijing on Sept. 23.

When it comes to the Oppo N1 itself, most of the spec details are still up in the air. However, Oppo has revealed that the device will feature a touch panel on its backside, which the company claims will enable "a brand new user experience." A teaser image of the rear touch panel is available below.

Oppo has recently become one of the more recognizable names in the smartphone game thanks to the success of hardware like the Find 5, a competitively-specced Android device that sells unlocked for $499. Now it looks like Oppo is utilizing that name recognition to help build hype for its next major release. While we still don't know a lot about what makes the N1 tick, the fact that it'll sport a rear touch panel is sure to gain the attention of many consumers, and it'll be interesting to see exactly how the feature works in real life. More details as I get 'em.

Oppo N1 rear touch panel teaser

Via Oppo N1, Facebook: Oppo (1), (2)

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