Should HTC focus more on mid-range devices?

Evan Selleck
Contributing Editor from Arizona
Published: August 27, 2013

The HTC One is a great device. Amazing, even, if you're a fan of devices that feel high-end in your hand. There's no doubt that the One truly is one of the first Android-based handsets to give the iPhone's industrial build a run for its money. I haven't seen anyone upset by the One's hardware, not including some build quality here and there. Overall, the One has won people over. And yet, the question of whether or not it ultimately matters in the long run is still being asked.

If the One's high-end specs, and its high-end hardware, aren't enough to make any waves within the wireless market anymore, what's HTC's next step? What does the company do if they can't win over the folks who want the next best phone?

It's certainly an interesting question. The One is, by all definition, a device that's priced accordingly and should be selling like hot cakes. While we don't know what the sales numbers look like quite yet, I can imagine that if HTC were really making waves within their own walls, they'd be making a ruckus about it.

Then again, they could be waiting until their quarterly earnings call to drop the "bomb," and impress the world with how many Ones they've sold all across the globe. And fingers crossed that that is indeed the case.

But, if the One isn't selling like those specific kind of pancakes, then maybe HTC's upcoming focus on the One Max isn't the right way to go after all. It is just a bigger One. With better specifications if the rumors pan out, but still. If high-end specs with a high-end build quality don't equal sales, then is the safe bet we'll see a recurring situation with a One Max launch?

It's just a bunch of what ifs, and we all know that. But what if HTC kept in line with their One Mini, instead of the One or the One Max? Instead of shoving the latest and greatest technology inside the high-end phone, maybe shove the moderately powerful stuff into the high-end phone.

That's what we've got with the One Mini, after all. It's a smaller One, but it's still made of the same high-end hardware. You get a smaller display, and it may not be 1080p, but it's still a 720p HD panel. Moreover, you get the same phone's hardware in a smaller fit. The processor may not be as fast, but it gets the job done.

Just like we've seen with the Moto X, it's not all about the ridiculously powerful specs, but the total package. If the performance isn't shot or lagging, then there isn't an issue.

So, is that the next step for HTC? Should we start to see more devices like the One Mini, with a smaller price tag but with mid-range specs in a high-end hardware? What do you think? Let me know!

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