Alleged iPad 5 front panel appears in a set of clear photos

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| August 28, 2013

iPad 5 front panel leak

The iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C have made up the majority of the iOS leaks that we've seen recently thanks to several image and video leaks showing off the shells of both handsets. Today we're mixing things up a bit, though, as a large gallery of new photos showing what's said to be the front panel of the iPad 5 have made their way online.

Posted by Sonny Dickson, the leaker responsible for some of the aforementioned iPhone 5S/5C leaks, the shots show what is said to be the front of the fifth-generation iPad. The part appears to line up with previous rumors concerning the iPad 5, sporting narrow bezels that give it a look similar to Apple's existing iPad mini.

The face of the iPad 5 isn't the only part that's expected to resemble the iPad mini. Two separate photo leaks have claimed to show the back panel of the next iPad resting next to an iPad mini, and the two shells look fairly similar. Additionally, Apple is expected to use the iPad mini's film-based touch panel in the next iPad rather than the glass touch panel found in previous full-size iPads, a move that will help to make the iPad 5 thinner and lighter.

While still unconfirmed at this point, the rumored changes coming to the fifth-fen iPad all make sense. It wouldn't be a surprise if Apple were working to make its new iPad thinner and lighter than the previous model, and giving the iPad 5 an iPad mini-like design will help to unify the product family. As for when we might see this new iPad in a more official manner, the rumor mill is currently pointing toward an October debut.

iPad 5 front panel leak flat

Via Sonny Dickson