HTC One Max and blue HTC One pose for more leaked photographs

Alex Wagner
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| August 28, 2013

HTC One Max HTC One leak

At the rate that HTC's One Max and blue One have leaked in recent weeks, it doesn't seem as though the company is going to have much left to show when it finally makes those two models officially official. Now two more leaks have emerged to further spoil HTC's announcements.

New images of the HTC One Max have surfaced in the ePrice forums, showing the phone/tablet hybrid laying around in the wild next to its regular One sibling. The photos appear to show a dual-SIM Chinese version of the One Max, complete with a removable rear cover.

Interestingly, this One Max features a square cutout beneath its rear camera, just like the unit that leaked out earlier this month. It's rumored that the cutout is meant to house a fingerprint sensor, but it appears that this One Max's square is hollowed out. A separate image contained in today's report shows a fingerprint button in this One Max's drop-down Quick Settings menu, though, seemingly adding support to the fingerprint sensor rumors. Be sure to check out the gallery below for all of the shots.

The unannounced blue version of the HTC One has leaked out again today as well. Hot on the heels of some images of the unit's front panel, this latest photo from HubFR shows a completely-assembled unit resting next to an HTC One mini and HTC mini. While the shot doesn't reveal much in the way of new information on the blue One, it does give us a peek at a complete unit and provides a better idea of what the blue aluminum will look like in the real world.

HTC's aluminum-clad One family burst onto the scene earlier this year with the launch of the 4.7-inch One, and then the Taiwanese firm followed that up with the debut of the 4.3-inch One mini and a red version of the OG One. Now it looks like HTC will be rounding out 2013 by going in the opposite direction with a 5.9-inch One Max and blue One, giving consumers that are interested in joining the One family even more ways to do so. There's no word on when the One Max or blue One might debut, but with IFA 2013 kicking off next week, it's certainly possible that one or both models could be right around the corner.

Blue HTC One in the wild

Via, ePrice, PhoneArena, HubFR

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