Which manufacturer will make the best smartwatch?

Evan Selleck
Contributing Editor from  Arizona
| August 28, 2013

When I go out, I tend to pay more attention to what people are using than I probably should. I'll chuckle a bit when I see a Moto RAZR, the original, still being flipped open and talked into -- strictly for nostalgic reasons. I try to see how many devices from the same manufacturer I see every day. Did I see more Samsung today, or more Apple? Did I see any Windows Phones? Is anyone out there still using webOS?

It's evolved from stalking individual pieces of smartphone technology, though. I love to see what the tablet market looks like in my area. Did they go the "safe" route with an iPad? Or have they gone with a Windows-based device?

How often do you find yourself pointing out (to yourself or others) different smartphones or tablets?

I think my fellow editor, Anna, is right about smartwatches, too. I think that here soon, they'll become a standard accessory. Right now, smartwatches are just a rarity. They may get a lot of support and coverage, as they should considering they're cool devices, I don't see many of them out in the wild. I see a lot of them on Twitter, yes, but not out there on the streets.

Not yet. I think that's going to change, and I think it's going to start changing as soon as September 4 rolls around.

I think it's going to change because we're going to start seeing smartwatch support from major manufacturers. It isn't going to be just Sony out there, going up against smaller companies all around the globe. No, now it's going to be Sony against Samsung, against Apple, against Google, against Microsoft, against LG . . . And you get the idea.

So now that we know these companies are making their own smartwatches, we obviously know what the next logical step is, right? We know where this is headed. We know that as soon as Samsung launches the Galaxy Gear, and then every other company releases their own idea of what a smartwatch should be, we'll all immediately have our favorites. In fact, I imagine that some of you -- if not most of you, probably already know which company you'd rather buy a new device like a smartwatch from.

And this is an easy subject, even before any of these companies announce anything, because we're dealing with companies that have obvious fans and detractors. Some of you out there just won't buy an Apple-branded smartwatch, for instance. And many won't buy a Microsoft variant, simply because they already know they're going to buy the Samsung-branded option.

So my curiosity is piqued right now. If you're like me, and you've been waiting for the "next wave" of smartwatches (basically, that means smartwatches from the large manufacturers), tell me who you're waiting for. Which company has your money, even before they announce anything? If you are even remotely interested in a smartwatch, which company of the many listed here do you plan on buying it from? Let me know!