Cheaper Moto X variant rumored to include user-replaceable rear cover

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: August 29, 2013
Cheaper Moto X removable rear cover
Motorola has already confirmed that the Moto X is the first member of a family of hardware that it's got planned, with a cheaper version of the current flagship for prepaid and developing markets in the works. There's been no word on exactly what features this lower-cost Moto X may include, but if a newly-leaked photo is to be believed, it could sport one capability that I'm sure some Moto X owners wish that their device had.

Sina Weibo user "houdabao," who was also responsible for leaking an photo of the Verizon employee edition of the Droid Ultra, has posted an image of what is said to be two replaceable rear covers that belong to a cheap version of the Moto X. Besides its user-removable rear cover, this lower-cost Moto X is also said to include dual-SIM support. No photos of the unit itself were included.

While not quite the same as being able to customize a Moto X with a unique set of front, rear and accent colors, a removable back plate would give the device's owner the ability to swap out rear cover colors to fit their mood or outfit. We still don't know what kind of changes or compromises Motorola might have planned for its cheaper Moto X, but giving the unit a swappable back plate could make up for some slightly lower-end specs. What do you make of these rear covers? Would you be interested in a lower-cost Moto X with a user-replaceable backside?

Via Engadget, Sina Weibo

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