iPhone 5S leaks continue with videos that show gold and graphite shells

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| August 29, 2013

Gold champagne iPhone 5S shell leak

We're starting to get close to Apple's rumored Sept. 10 iPhone event, and so it should come as no surprise that the iPhone 5S leaks are really picking up steam. Today a pair of new videos have surfaced that claim to show off the rumored gold/champagne and gray/graphite iPhone 5S models. Both clips offer clear, close-up looks of the gold and gray shells, which include a larger cutout for the dual-LED flash that the iPhone 5S is expected to feature.

In the video of the golden 5S shell, TLDToday notes that the space for the battery inside the new iPhone is larger than the area inside the iPhone 5 and that placement of the logic board screws has been altered as well. This suggests that the iPhone 5S could pack a slightly larger battery than its predecessor, which is one of the upgrades that has previously been rumored to be coming with the new model.

Meanwhile, iCrackuriDevice has posted a video that includes a comparison of the purported graphite iPhone 5S with the existing black and slate iPhone 5. The aluminum plate of the graphite shell is clearly lighter than the rear panel found on the black and slate iPhone 5, just like the casing that leaked out in photos earlier this week. As I noted in that leak, though, it's possible that that these could just be early prototypes and that there will actually only be three iPhone 5S color options. 9to5Mac points to a pair of images that show prototypes of the black iPhone 5, and in the photos the shell is lighter than the unit that eventually shipped to consumers.

Since Apple has only offered its iPhone in black and white color options to date, the addition of any new hues with the iPhone 5S would be notable. We'll have to wait until Sept. 10 to find out for sure which colors the Cupertino firm is concocting, but so far there have been several reports that've come out in support of the gold model. Things are a little more murky when it comes to the purported graphite unit, so for now it might be wise to avoid getting too excited at the possibility of a fourth 5S flavor. What do you think of the graphite iPhone 5S rumors? Is it a legit model or just a lightly-colored prototype of the plain ol' black and slate iPhone?

Via 9to5Mac, YouTube: TLDToday, iCrackuriDevice

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