Screenshots of 'Samsung Gear Manager' app leak out ahead of smartwatch's Sept. 4 debut

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| August 29, 2013

A Samsung executive recently confirmed that the company's Galaxy Gear smartwatch will finally make its debut on Sept. 4. Unfortunately for those of us hungry for more details on Samsung's upcoming wearable, the exec didn't really spill many other details about the device. It turns out that we won't starve while waiting for next week's event, though, as the rumor mill has swept in with a pair of screenshots that shed a bit more light on the Gear.

Two images that show an app called "Samsung Gear Manager" have been posted to Twitter this afternoon by @evleaks. The first shot explains how the Galaxy Gear can connect to an NFC-enabled smartphone by tapping the device with what a charger (presumably the Gear's). Doing so will connect the phone and watch over Bluetooth. Meanwhile, the second screenshot reveals the Galaxy Gear's model number as "SM-V700" and also includes a list of apps and settings for the user to hop into, including "Clocks" and "Find my watch."
There aren't a lot of hard details about the Samsung Galaxy Gear available quite yet, but Lee did mention that the device won't feature flexible display technology, so we can cross that possibility off the list. Even with little information to go on, there will likely be quite a bit of focus on the Galaxy Gear when Samsung takes the wraps off of it next week. Not only has consumer interest in smartwatches grown quite a bit recently, but the unveiling will also involve one of the biggest players in mobile re-entering the smartwatch market since it began taking off recently. Thankfully we've got less than a week to go until the Galaxy Gear's debut, so it won't be long before we get to lay our eyes upon Samsung's newest wearable and find out exactly what makes it tick. Stay tuned.