Have you ever lost a phone?

Evan Selleck
Contributing Editor from  Arizona
| August 30, 2013

Our phones have become so commonplace, that when you go outside and get around people, you probably can't help but notice that everyone is on their mobile device at some point or another. You think it would be, considering you're probably on your own phone as well. But it isn't. We all know that everyone's on their phone, usually more often than not, for one reason or another.

But that makes sense. Our phones have become one of the most important pieces of our daily lives. For some out there, the phone isn't even an accessory anymore. It's just part of the ensemble. Going somewhere? The phone is more important than a hat, or a watch. Maybe you can even keep your wallet at home, thanks to your phone.

Our mobile devices aren't just commonplace because they've got what we need on them, or can do cool things. They're incredibly important, too. They're important because they can do all that cool stuff, and because it's our way to stay connected. Whoever you're trying to stay connected to, our phones make that possible. And not just possible, but easy, too.

There's just one bad thing about our phones becoming so common, so standard. The fact that we get comfortable with them.

Strange, right? You'd expect to get comfy with your phone over time, and that's exactly what happens. If you get a new phone, you fall in love with it, you can't wait to touch it and use it, and you're eyes are on it all the time. It's new and shiny, and you want to use it all the time.

Give it time, and your phone will become just as standard as your old phone, and you'll keep it by your side, or on your lap, and forget about it just long enough to have an accident happen. I'm sure we've all done it once or twice. Dropping a phone can be a traumatizing experience, even if you don't break it.

We're always on our phones, even after we get comfortable with them, so it can occasionally lead to another kind of "catastrophic" experience: the lost phone.

If you asked me, this is actually worse than dropping and breaking the phone. Why? Because it's lost, you don't have it, and there is a chance that someone else has it. Looking through your phone, reading the texts and emails and doing whatever else. It's a scary thought, because your phone is so important, and you probably have important things on there.

I've lost two phones that I can remember, and both times it was terrible. I felt bad for losing them. It's one of those, "How could I do that!?" moments, you know? You rush back to the restaurant, look under the table, on chairs, maybe even the bathroom. Or what about the movie theater? Under the seats? It's always a rough situation.

Getting a device that helps you remember your phone sounds like a quick fix, right? Nokia has their own plans for it, and now HTC's got a little black box that will tell you if you're walking away from your phone, or let you send a quick notification to your device if you can't find it.

I've never considered something like "the Fetch," but I think with the more important information gaining its way onto my phone(s), it wouldn't be that bad of an idea. What do you think? Have you ever lost your phone? If so, when and where? Did you get it back, or did you have to replace it with another? Would you use something like the Fetch, or something else, to make sure you didn't lose your phone again? Let me know!

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