Do you refuse to compromise with features or specs?

Evan Selleck
Contributing Editor from  Arizona
| Published: September 2, 2013

When I get a new piece of technology, specifically a smartphone, I go out of my way to test everything on it I can as soon as I can. I love playing around with new technology. Testing out the camera. I know I'm not the only one that flips back and forth between home screens, getting progressively faster, trying to find a flicker of lag, or a moment of digital hesitation.

For the first week of any phone's life in my hands, I put it through its paces. If it can survive that long, then things eventually calm down. I'll go back to using it like a normal phone. I won't take as many photos in ridiculous lighting, or in no lighting, for example.

Which is odd, since I'm not one that goes out of my way to get the latest and greatest in technology in a smartphone. Sure, I love to use high-end devices like HTC's One, and I can't wait to use LG's G2 or get my hands on Samsung's Galaxy Note III. But, well, I use an iPhone. So, yeah. There are certain parts of the phone that work great, but we all know that, based on a purely hardware point of view, the iPhone doesn't really stack up against the competition.

So, I don't cling to the specification placards next to new releases. I love when a new device launches with great specs, yes, but I don't clamor to have it as my next daily driver. There are a lot of different variables in a new phone, and we've already talked about that. We've already talked about what you'd be willing to sacrifice, features or specs wise, to eek out a little extra batter life. We've even already talked about which mobile operating systems out there you'd give the axe to if it meant you could see another succeed.

Instead, today, I want to ask you if you just flat-out refuse to sacrifice anything.

If so, I'm the same way. When I go with a phone that I'm going to use as my daily driver, I look at all the variables: from proprietary software, to hardware specs, to screen size, to camera, and all that jazz. I look at it all, weigh it with what I'm currently using, and see how it will actually get better. Not stay the same. Because I'm paying money to upgrade my phone, so it should get better. Nothing should get worse.

Do you feel the same way? When you upgrade to a new phone, whether at the end of your contract or just by buying a new device outright, do you refuse to sacrifice anything in the move? Or are you okay with some sacrifice, as long as the overall experience is better? Let me know!

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