iPhone 5C and its packaging purportedly shown off in new photos

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| September 2, 2013

iPhone 5C blue, yellow and white packaging

Now that Apple's lower-cost iPhone 5C has already starred in its fair share of leaks, it looks like it's the 5C's packaging time to shine in the leaky spotlight.

Images have been posted to iapps.im and Sina Weibo that claim to show the iPhone 5C's complete packaging, which is reminiscent of the boxes that Apple currently uses for its iPod touch. Most of the packaging is white plastic, complete with "iPhone 5C" branding on the side, but the front of the box is clear so that shoppers can see the device itself. We can also see that the sticker protecting the iPhone 5C's display has a color that matches that of that particular model's plastic backing.
Additional images show the contents of the packaging itself, which includes the phone itself and some documentation that shows buyers how to eject the iPhone 5C's SIM card. The shape of the papers line up with the rounded corners of the packaging, and once again we can see that the wallpaper depicted on the phone matches the back of the handset itself.
The iPhone 5C is expected to be Apple's new, affordable smartphone offering for 2013. In the past, the Cupertino firm has simply dropped each previous iPhone down a pricing tier, but this year the company appears set to introduce an all-new low-cost model. The iPhone 5C's plastic backing could help to make it more affordable that the aluminum and glass bodies of the iPhone 5 and 4S, potentially broadening the 5C's appeal thanks to an even lower price tag.
The plastic backing on the iPhone 5C also enables Apple to offer its smartphone in several bright color options. While the 5C is expected to feature internals similar to the current iPhone 5, I bet that many consumers won't really care about specs and will opt for an iPhone 5C simply because of its different colors. Third-party anodization services like AnoStyle show that there's a market for iPhones with colors other than black and white, and the iPhone 5C could help Apple to tap into that customer segment itself. Would you or someone you know buy an iPhone 5C over an iPhone 5 or 5S just for the color options?
Blue iPhone 5C