iPad 5 shell compared to iPad 4 in new video

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| September 4, 2013

iPad 5 comparison with iPad 4

We're certainly no strangers to the iPad 5 at this point, with the front and rear panels of the unannounced device having leaked out on several occasions. We've got another leak to add to the pile today, but one thing that makes this latest video interesting is that it includes a direct comparison of the iPad 4 with the new model, complete with size measurements.

The new clip, which comes to us from Unbox Therapy, includes looks at both a white front panel and silver rear shell that are said to belong to Apple's next iPad. The parts line up with those that we've seen in the past, sporting an iPad mini-like design with rounded edges, new speaker placement and narrow side bezels. The thinness of the new side bezels is especially noticeable when the front panel of the iPad 5 is stacked on top of the iPad 4, showing a unit that's considerably smaller and can even be gripped in one hand by the video's host.

Later on in the video, a tape measure is brought out later in the video to determine exactly how much smaller the iPad 5 is than the iPad 4. While it's determined that the iPad 5 shell is only slightly thinner than the iPad 4, the width of the two units is considerably different, with the iPad 5 shell coming in at 17cm wide and the iPad 4 measuring 18.5cm wide.

The design of the full-sized iPad hasn't changed much since the iPad 2 debuted in early 2011, and so it's nice to see that the slate may finally be getting a makeover that will bring in more in line with the look of Apple's other iOS hardware. The slimmed down body should make the iPad 5 a bit more portable, and while the device may not have the same "toss it in a bag and forget it" size as the iPad mini, folks that prefer the iPad 5's larger screen will likely appreciate the shrunken footprint. Apple is currently expected to introduce the new iPad at an event in October.

Via Unbox Therapy