Despite the fact that we just saw two of the biggest and hyped devices get official announcements, we all know that we've got a few devices left to see. Apple's next iPhone(s) for example, or the oft-rumored One Max from HTC. There's even another Motorola-branded Moto X-like device rumored to be headed our way. There's more to come, and plenty to look forward to.

Especially if you're a fan of the Nexus lineup.

We've known that the next Nexus handset would be coming near the end of the year, just as we've seen from the year before, and now that we know there's definitely a new version of Android coming down the pipe, the signs are all pointing to one thing: A Nexus 5 launch in a couple of months (if not sooner).

A new Nexus phone launching might not be the best news for everyone, especially if you aren't a fan of the Nexus brand or even stock Android (or Android in general). However, I think even if you aren't interested in the phone, or the software it features, you should at least be interested to see what it boasts as its price point. Last year we saw Google and LG team up to launch the Nexus 4, a high-end device for its time, with a ridiculously low price tag. A low price tag that had nothing to do with a contract or subsidies.

Unfortunately, while it sold out more times than people care to think about, and the 8GB version sold out again when it saw a price drop recently, it didn't cause as many waves as some expected for the major wireless carriers. While T-Mobile is starting to do their own "no contract" deal on their own, the other players like Sprint, Verizon and AT&T are hanging onto their old ways. AT&T and Verizon may be offering monthly installment plans for their new devices, there's no doubt that they're still pushing contracts and device subsidies.

For me, personally, while I'm excited to see what new device is given the Nexus brand, and to see how it's priced in the Google Play Store, I'm actually just really interested to see which company was tapped to make the new device. A lot of the rumors suggest that LG is behind the next Nexus, and I have reason to believe that's true, too. It was "confirmed" in some pseudo fashion earlier this week when a video showcasing an unknown Nexus-branded device was released (then quickly removed), and the speculation that LG is indeed the next company heated up.

Which makes sense. The Nexus 4 was one of the most popular Nexus devices ever -- admittedly aided by the deep discounted price, but LG's hardware wasn't bad either, not counting some flaws here and there. So giving LG another crack at it, to hopefully alleviate some of those prior issues, seems like the nice thing to do.

But, while a G2-inspired Nexus 5 sounds amazing, I wish it weren't LG behind the next Nexus. Instead, I wish another company had a crack at it. A company that hasn't had the opportunity yet. A company called Sony. I think it would be pretty great if Sony could create the next Nexus based on their new Xperia Z1 and its 20.7-megapixel camera.

Sony's new hardware, with the Xperia Z and Xperia Z1 are great, and I would be pretty happy to get a Nexus based on either one of those devices. Not a Google Play Edition -- but a real Nexus device, based on those specs. And with a price tag around $300-$400? No contract? Sounds amazing to me.

This is probably where we start talking about multiple Nexus smartphones in a year, again, which would be nice but I don't think will happen anytime soon. I think the "one manufacturer a year" thing works for Google, and they'll keep doing it for the foreseeable future.

What do you think? Would you like to see a Sony manufactured Nexus device? Would you consider buying an Xperia Z1-based Nexus 5? Or is LG the right choice for this next handset? Let me know if you think it's about time Sony got their shot at the Nexus family.

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