Vivid Blue HTC One for Verizon shown off in leaked photos [UPDATED]

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from Omaha, NE
Published: September 6, 2013

Vivid Blue HTC One Verizon Wireless leak

HTC didn't mention any U.S. launch plans for the Vivid Blue version of the One when it made the device official earlier this month, but apparently at least one carrier will be adding the azure handset to its lineup. Images sent to Android Central and Droid-Life have revealed the Vivid Blue HTC One for Verizon, complete with the big red carrier's logo smack dab at the bottom of the packaging and on the phone's backside. The unit shown above appears to be a dummy model, but the images below show that there are some units out there are some real devices out there as well.

There's no mention of a blue HTC One on Verizon's website or its social media feeds, so it's not clear when consumers will actually be able to buy the thing. Android Central has been told that it could be available as soon as today, while a source speaking to Droid-Life suggests that the phone could be exclusive to Best Buy. Obviously the situation surrounding Verizon's blue HTC One is a little foggy, but hey, at least we've now got confirmation that Vivid Blue device will be hitting at least one U.S. carrier. Stay tuned and I'll update you with more details as we get 'em.

UPDATE: Another clear image of Verizon's blue HTC One has surfaced, and according to Engadget's source, the phone is arriving at Best Buy stores today with a full retail price of $699.99. If you'd like to see this thing in your hand rather than on your screen, you may want to give your local Best Buy a call and see if they've got any of the indigo slabs in stock.

Vivid Blue HTC One Verizon Wireless packaging

Vivid Blue HTC One Verizon rear

Via Android Central, Droid-Life, Engadget

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