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Aio Wireless nationwide

AT&T subsidiary Aio Wireless said last month that it would be going nationwide in September, and now that we've officially entered the ninth month of the year, the service has been opened to all. There are a trio of phone plans for consumers to choose from that include unlimited talk, text and data, though users will have their speeds throttled if they exceed their monthly high-speed data allotment. It's also worth noting that Aio's high-speed downloads max out at 8Mbps.

Aio's base $40 plan is for basic phones only and includes 250MB of high-speed data. Meanwhile, smartphone customers can select a $55 rate plan with 2GB of high-speed data or a $70 option with 7GB of high-speed data. Also available is a $15 per month tablet plan with 250MB of high-speed data and a 1GB high-speed data add-on for $10. 

When it comes to hardware, Aio has a range of dumbphones and smartphones available with no contract. Some of the devices available include the Samsung Denim flip phone for $29.99, Nokia Lumia 620 for $99.99, Samsung Galaxy S 4 for $579.99 and 16GB iPhone 5 for $649.99. Aio also offers the 7-inch ZTE Velox tablet that's powered by Android 4.1.2., which is compatible with the provider's. Consumers can also bring their own device and pay $9.99 for an Aio SIM card.

Aio Wireless originally launched in early May, but at the time it was only available in a handful of U.S. markets. Now anyone can sign up for Aio, which is great because having more options when searching for new wireless service is always a good thing. The fact that Aio users can access AT&T's growing LTE network is a nice perk of the service, even if download speeds are capped at 8Mbps. If you'd like to learn more about Aio and its offerings, you can hit up the link below and get educated.

Via Aio Wireless

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