T-Mobile Moto X launching online today as Motorola rolls out a trio of 'Lazy Phone' ads

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from Omaha, NE
Published: September 9, 2013

Moto X white front

After hitting Sprint and U.S. Cellular late last week, the Moto X continued its rollout across the U.S. carriers today with the arrival of T-Mobile-flavored variant. The T-Mobile Moto X is now listed on Motorola's website for $599.99. Both the woven black and woven white models are included, but as of this writing they're both out of stock.

T-Mobile has previously said that while the Moto X will be fully compatible with its network, including the 4G LTE parts, the device won't be available in its stores at launch. That means that T-Mobile subscribers that want their own taste of Active Display notifications and Touchless Controls will need to pull out their credit card and conduct some business on Motorola's website. It's definitely a bit of a bummer that T-Mo customers won't be able to mosey on in to their carrier's local store to try out the Moto X before they buy, but at least the T-Mobile-compatible is finally available for purchase.

In addition to launching the T-Mobile Moto X, Motorola today debuted a trio of new commercials for its new handset. Dubbed the "Lazy Phone" ads, the clips focus on Moto X software features like Active Display notifications and the Quick Access camera that enable users to more easily and quickly do things like play music and snap a photo. You can check out the ads for yourself down below.

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