T-Mobile increases hotspot allotments for unlimited data customers

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| September 11, 2013

T-Mobile unlimited data mobile hotspot increase

It looks like T-Mobile's got a nice mid-week surprise for its unlimited data customers. Images leaked by our pals at TmoNews have revealed that T-Mobile has increased the smartphone mobile hotspot allotments that customers on an unlimited data plan can choose from. Previously, subscribers could add 500MB of hotspot data for $20 per month, 2.5GB for $30 for 4.5GB for $40. The new allotments ditch the tiny 500MB bucket entirely and give users their choice of 2.5GB of hotspot data for $20, 4.5GB for $30 or 6.5GB for $40.

According to these leaked docs, the new SMHS plans began rolling out yesterday, Sept. 10. Any T-Mobile customers currently signed up the 500MB add-on will be directed to switch to the new 2.5GB option when they get near their limit, while folks with the 2.5GB and 4.5GB add-ons should be automatically switched to the higher-capacity bucks on Sept. 14.

More data is always a good thing, so it's great to see T-Mobile bumping up the sizes of its smartphone mobile hotspot allotments. That's especially true for those Magenta Army members that were signed up for the small 500MB SMHS bucket, which probably started feeling cramped pretty quickly. If you're a T-Mo subscriber with an dnlimited data plan and smartphone mobile hotspot add-on, be sure to either get your allotment upgraded now or keep an eye on your account to make sure that it automatically switches over later this week.

T-Mobile unlimited data mobile hotspot plans

Via TmoNews, T-Mobile