Do you think the Galaxy Note 3 and the HTC One Max will be comparable?

Anna Scantlin
Contributing Editor from  Kansas City, MO
| Published: September 13, 2013

Although it might not be officially fall according to the calendar, fall is here in full force in the mobile world as the lineup of anticipated fall devices go from being mere rumors to stocking the shelves of retail stores. Just last week we saw the unveiling of Samsung's Galaxy Note 3, one of the most popular phablets lines on the market today. The Note 3 showed some pretty impressive improvements over the Note 2 with a better processor, screen and arguably better design.

Although the Note 3 has been one of the most popular larger phablets the past couple of years, other manufacturers are starting to move in as well as they see how consumers went from saying "This device is too big," to "This device is fantastic." In fact, rumor has it that HTC plans on making their own extra large phablet, dubbed the HTC One Max.

Although not official, convincing leaks have been spotted in the wild. Most recently we see a "One Max" showed next to a 4.7-inch HTC One and an HTC One Mini. The One Max has had several rumors swirling about the name, including a 5.9-inch screen, a Snapdragon 800 processor (the possibility of a Snapdragon S4 Pro has also been recently discussed) 2 GB of RAM and an UltraPixel camera on the back. Given the success of the HTC One, and even my own experience with the similarities between the One and the Mini, will the Max be able to bring some competition to the table when it comes to comparison to the Note 3?

I have to admit, as oppose to the HTC One Mini vs. the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, I'm a little worried about how the two larger variants will hold up against each other. The HTC One Max does seem to have those same wonderful BoomSound speakers that we've seen on the One Mini and the One - it would be foolish of them to give it up. I also assume that they'll also keep the same sharp display and carry the same 4-megapixel UltraPixel camera. But when it comes to the 4-megapixel UltraPixel camera, I kind of hope they don't keep it. Most people don't seem completely satisfied with HTC's choice to go with a lower megapixel quality in favor of a larger sensor. With the HTC One Mini, it was wonderful news that they were able to keep the 4-megapixel UltraPixel camera, but with a larger phone I imagine people are hoping to see at least some sort of megapixel increase.

But the thing that worries me, and something I've discussed many times before, is that the biggest reason that people purchase a Note is because of the S Pen. So far, this is something that no other line of devices has incorporated with their phablets that are around the same size. It's always been a Note thing. Other phablets have been released and have done alright, but when it comes to anything over 5.3-inches, the Note line is the most popular all because of that stylus. I'm almost positive that HTC isn't planning on adding any type of stylus to their giant phone, so it will need to be able to offer something in place of it.

On the newest leaks of the HTC One Max, we see some strange square cut-out right under the camera. It's been rumored to be a fingerprint sensor, which seems to be all the buzz lately since Apple is introducing such technology in their new iPhone 5S, but is this the technology needed to compete with all of the features and functions of the Galaxy Note 3? My head says no, but the growing interest in using such technology has me wondering if this could be the thing that sets it apart. Combining that with the BoomSound speakers, Beats Audio (for audiophiles) and using the new Sense 5, I do wonder if the HTC One Max will have what it takes to compete with the Note 3. After all, Samsung has been running this part of the map for a long time at this point, and this would be HTC's first real attempt at making a big phablet.

Readers, what are you predictions for the showdown between the HTC One Max and the Galaxy Note 3? Do you think the two will be comparable, or do you predict that one will come out way ahead of the other? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!