More HTC One Max and Samsung Galaxy Note 3 comparison photos leak out

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: September 19, 2013

HTC One Max Samsung Galaxy Note 3 comparison

The HTC One Max and Samsung Galaxy Note 3 may come from competing Android manufacturers, but that hasn't stopped the two devices from being pretty friendly toward one another. Earlier this week, we saw some images of the two phone/tablet hybrids hanging out in the wild and sharing stores of what it's like to be huge, and now a second set of similar photos has surfaced.

Posted to Sina Weibo, the photos show both the HTC One Max and Samsung Galaxy Note 3 just hanging out in the wild, giving us another opportunity to compare their size. We also get another look at the mysterious black square on the One Max's backside, which is rumored to be a fingerprint scanner, as well as a clear look at the One Max powered on and ready for use.

The One Max has been pretty heavily leaked at this point, leaving many folks wondering when HTC will finally put an end to it and make the thing official. A recent spec leak suggested that the 5.9-inch One Max could be set for an October debut, just in time for the start of the Galaxy Note 3's global rollout. Perhaps it won't be long before these two bosom buddies become bitter rivals? Good thing we've got several photos of them together to help us remember their friendship.

Via New Cell Phones Blog, Sina Weibo