BlackBerry 'C-Series' device appears in leaked photos with Verizon branding [UPDATED]

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| September 21, 2013

BlackBerry 10 C-Series smartphone leak Verizon

Less than a week after BlackBerry introduced us to its 5-inch Z30 smartphone, new images of what looks to be a shrunken version of that device have leaked.

Both BBin and CrackBerry have posted photos of a phone referred to as the BlackBerry 10 "C-Series" (this particular variant is the "Americano") that looks similar to the aforementioned Z30, just in a smaller package. We can see the familiar BlackBerry 10 app tray as well as some Verizon branding in the upper left corner of the unit. Spec details for the C-Series are light, but it's said to be sporting a 4.2-inch LCD screen at a resolution of 1280x720.

This BlackBerry C-Series device appears to have the makings of an entry-level Z30 variant thanks to its similar design and smaller display. BlackBerry said yesterday that as part of its restructuring efforts, it plans to refocus on the enterprise and prosumer markets with a mix of high-end and entry-level hardware, and so far this C-Series phone seems to fit into the latter category. It's not clear when we might see it on store shelves, but it's reportedly undergoing carrier testing right now, and the presence of a Verizon tattoo suggests that the C-Series could find a home on the big red carrier here in the U.S. Stay tuned for more details as I get 'em.

UPDATE: N4BB has shared a third photo of the BlackBerry 10 C-Series device. This time the C-Series is being joined by an iPhone 4S, though, which gives us a better idea of the actual size of the unannounced C-Series. The site also claims that the C-Series could arrive sometime in 2014 and that a keyboarded variant is in the works as well.

BlackBerry 10 C-Series smartphone leak Verizon screen off

BlackBerry 10 C-Series iPhone 4S comparison

Via BBin, CrackBerry, N4BB