I'm finally ready to leave iOS

Evan Selleck
Contributing Editor from  Arizona
| September 25, 2013

It hasn't even been a week, technically. Last Friday, September 20 to be exact, Apple made it possible for millions of people across the globe to get their hands on their new iPhone 5s. While everyone was busy presuming that Apple wouldn't do very well (as usual), it turned out they did pretty good after all, and somewhere around 9 million iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c models reportedly made it into the hands of consumers.

It hasn't even been a week, technically, but I feel like I've owned the iPhone 5s now for a couple of months already. And apparently that's not a very good thing.

I feel like I've been using the iPhone 5s for a couple of months because, essentially, I have. I've been running iOS 7 in Beta form throughout its existence on an iPhone 5, right from the start. While I had to stop using my iPhone 5 because it broke, the obvious lasting effects of iOS stuck around.

And, I meant it when I said I couldn't switch back to iOS 6. I tried a couple of times, too. But the changes that Apple made to its mobile platform were good, at least as far as I'm concerned, and I wasn't able to just switch back and wait it out. That's what I thought at the time, anyway.

Now, though? Now I think it was just my desire to have new things on my gadgets, if I can't have the actual gadget yet. While I was waiting for the next iPhone, I was just happy to have the new software.

One of the things I kept saying, over and over again, was that iOS 7's animations needed to change. While they're great from a strictly aesthetic approach, there's no denying in my eyes that they ultimately slow the whole show down. Yes, it's just a trick of the animation, but it's a real result.

When you move in and out of applications, there is an animation that shows the app either expanding from its icon to fill the screen, or swooping back into its icon when you're done with it. It's cool to watch, but if you're used to using iOS and its speed, it can get annoying pretty quick.

The result, for me, is that I try to hit another app's icon just as quickly as I used to be able to, but I can't because of the closing animation. While it usually only makes me miss one tap, there are times when I miss two or three, simply because of that animation.

It slows the whole show down.

And that's why I want to leave iOS. While I know a lot of people upgraded and like it, and I know a lot of people who wish they could downgrade, I'm just ready to switch to something else. Permanently. I genuinely want to.

The trouble is the fact that I love iOS for the small things. For instance, switching between Bluetooth audio and headphones is super easy in iOS, and the volume levels change depending on the audio source (and get memorized, so I'm not constantly adjusting volume to avoid going deaf). Moreover, music controls on the lock screen with iOS just look and respond better, based on my usage. Oh, and music controls with the headphones. I can't live without that.

This is why I can't leave iOS. It's been my default mobile OS for so long, that I've just grown accustomed to using it one way, and expecting things to work a certain way, too. I use different platforms every single week, but now I can honestly say I'm ready to make a switch.

But, I just don't know what to switch to. Android? Windows Phone? So many decisions.

So, I want to hear from you. I want you to tell me what you think I should switch to, and why. Moreover, I want to hear from those who gave iOS 7 a real shot (be it the Gold Master release, or the finalized version released to consumers) and decided that it wasn't for them. Did you leave? Are you planning to leave? Where are you going? Let me know!

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