T-Mobile to stop carrying BlackBerry smartphones in stores

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from Omaha, NE
Published: September 25, 2013

T-Mobile logo CTIA

Boy, BlackBerry just can't seem to catch a break. After announcing plans to cut 4,500 jobs and then running into issues with BBM for Android and iOS that have halted the rollout of both apps, T-Mobile revealed today that it plans to stop stocking BlackBerry hardware in its stores.

David Carey, T-Mobile's EVP for corporate services, has told Reuters that keeping BlackBerry inventory in its retail distribution system is "inefficient" because of low customer demand. The bulk of BlackBerry phones are purchased by businesses that don't actually visit stores, the exec explained. Going forward, T-Mobile will ship units directly to BlackBerry buyers and only display the devices in stores for consumers that'd like to see them in person.

While it sounds like the presence of some demo units means that BlackBerry won't completely disappear from T-Mobile stores, this is still pretty disappointing news for the Canadian smartphone manufacturer. Many consumers shopping in a store for a new device would probably like to be able to actually walk out with their purchase on that same day, and so some folks may decide to pass on a new 'Berry because they don't want to wait around for it to be shipped to them. What do you think of T-Mobile's decision? Would the prospect of having to wait for a newly-purchased phone to be shipped to you drive you to a different device that's readily available?

Via Reuters