Tired of premium phones? How does super premium sound?

Published: September 25, 2013

Here in the United States, when it comes to smartphones it's all about being the best. You only ever really hear about flagship devices and not a whole lot about anything else. You don't hear about the LG Optimus F3 over the LG G2, and you don't hear about the Samsung Galaxy Victory over the Samsung Galaxy S4. Here, at least, we are mostly interested in what the latest and greatest is all about. Smartphones continuously grow more powerful by the month as new releases come out before summer or the holidays - but perhaps great just isn't great enough, at least not to Samsung. Rumor has it that they plan on heating up the competition a little bit.

If you're reading this article, then I'm going to assume you have probably already heard of Samsung's Galaxy S series. If you haven't, then I hate to break it to you, but you've probably been living under a rock. Not that there is anything particularly wrong with that, but I digress. So, we have the Galaxy S line. When the line was first introduced, it was probably one of the coolest things to happen to Android at the time. That's what really started this whole shebang for them. Sure, Samsung had some devices out for Android before that but they were nothing like what the first Galaxy S was like. With 8GB of on board storage, plus the super AMOLED display (which I thought was pretty cool, but naturally it doesn't work for everybody) the first Samsung Galaxy S, also known as the Vibrant, was the start of a beautiful relationship between manufacturer and consumer as we saw more Galaxy S devices pop up across different carriers, and eventually saw multiple generations come about because of it.

Unquestionably, the Galaxy S line has become one of the most popular and powerful smartphones available on the market today, but according to some new rumors it might not be much longer before Samsung begins producing a line of phones that's supposedly even better and more premium than what the Galaxy S line offers customers. This new product is rumored to be called the "Galaxy F" line.

The Galaxy F series, according to various tech blogs like Sam Mobile, Unwired Views and ETNews, is presumably a line by Samsung that would be focused on creating "super premium" smartphones. The Galaxy F series is rumored to stand on its own as a super premium smartphone series, and wouldn't replace either the Note or the Galaxy S line. What makes the Galaxy F series premium? One could assume that would mean that Samsung decided to make phones out of a more premium product, such as alminum, in order to please consumers who are not such a big fan of plastic. The articles also mention some impressive specs that we could expect to see from the device, such as an Octa-core Exynos CPU and a 16-megapixel camera.

Of course, rumors don't make it a fact. The only thing that makes it fact is if Samsung announces it, so I am in no way saying that it's a for sure thing. Do I believe it could happen? Most definitely. Samsung has already proven to me that they're not satisfied with just one or two variations of a device, especially with the Samsung Galaxy S4. Holy wow, that was a lot of different types of phones. So no, when I hear that there's a possiblity that Samsung may be leaning towards making an entirely new line geared towards being "super premium" I'm not at all surprised.

At first I was not exactly impressed with the idea. In fact, I'm still not. I think Samsung needs to cool their jets when it comes to releasing so many phones, especially one that would share a name so similarly to another popular line of devices (wait, are we talking about Samsung or HTC?) On the other hand, it would seem that if Samsung went through with releasing such a device that they would be addressing that tireless argument between what material makes a better shell for a phone, metal or plastic? Samsung would be shutting it down. For doing as well as they do, I imagine if they solely switched to using aluminum on their phones there might be one or two angry people who would demand to have the plastic design back. Call me crazy, but I think that's how it would go down. So, why not both? It's not like they can't do it. Now that Apple has phones that sport both aluminum and polycarbonate, it makes sense for Samsung to follow suit... as well as getting follwed up with a lawsuit. After all, what would the industry be like without a little beef between Apple and Samsung? (Besides being peaceful, that is.)

It's certainly something to keep an eye on, especially for people who like Samsung phones but aren't to thrilled with the plastic. As for being "super premium" and how well that would do, I suppose it all depends on if it's followed by a super price tag.

Readers, what do you think about the idea of a "super premium" Samsung device? Do you think it would be a good move by Samsung? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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