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When Google Now was first revealed, I thought it sounded pretty cool. I got a little upset just like everyone else when it became clear that Google was invading just about everything you do through Google, including your email, to get the information Now was showing you, but I eventually got over it. That's only because I started using it, and honestly Google Now became a pretty clear and standard addition to my day-to-day life.

Whenever I was using Android, that is.

I haven't hidden my love for Google's Now ever since I started using it, and I don't think that's going to change anytime soon. While I may not use the service all that much anymore, simply because I'm not finding myself on Android devices as often, it's always the first thing I set up (after the initial log-in, of course) once I get a phone going. I love using it, and I love that it now has a widget to interact with.

I've seen plenty of folks on the Internet say that Google Now isn't adding features quickly enough, and I'm just not sure I can subscribe to that belief at all. We hear about Google Now updates pretty regularly, and they're usually pretty nice additions to the feature.

And then there's the iOS version. You probably caught on that I said I don't use the feature all that often when I'm not on Android, and if you were assuming I was spending the time on iOS, you'd be right. But, while I would be willing to pay or Google Now on Android, I didn't find much use for it on iOS.

Don't get me wrong: Google Now on iOS worked really well, and it worked just as you'd expect it would on Apple's mobile OS. But without the updates within the Notification Shade, or on the widget, the (next to) real-time information didn't ever make it to me when it should. So, I eventually just stopped using it.

Earlier today, though, Google announced they'd have an update for Google Search, the app that Google Now is buried inside, for iOS that would bring notifications to the feature, and that sounds just about magical. It not only gives you Google Now's standard push notifications, but also cross-platform pings that let you set reminders from one device to another.

That's a pretty awesome update, especially to iOS. And it makes Google Now even more functional for Apple's platform than it ever was. But, now that the update is coming in the next couple of weeks, I can't help but wonder about those of you out there who have already been using the feature, or may have been using it but stopped for whatever reason.

Did you use Google Now on your iOS-based device for awhile, then stop? If so, why? Or are you the user who's been using it ever since the feature launched? On the other end of the spectrum, did you never start using Google Now? If so, why not? Let me know!

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