Google Search for iOS update to bring Google Now notifications, mobile search getting card design

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: September 26, 2013

Google Search for iOS app update

Are you iOS users feeling a little unloved by Google after the company released a bevy of Android app updates yesterday? Well don't fret too much, because today Google announced that it's got a pretty significant update to its Google Search for iOS app coming soon.

Over on its official Inside Search blog, Google has revealed that it's working on a new version of its Google Search app for iOS that will allow users to receive notifications across their different devices. For example, a person could set a reminder to buy soda at the grocery store on their Nexus 7 and then receive a notification for that alert on their iPhone once he or she enters the store itself.

In addition to these cross-platform notifications, the updated Google Search for iOS app will include support for Google Now push notifications. Google says that the update will roll out "in the next couple of weeks."

Google also revealed today that it's introducing a more unified design across its search products for phones and tablets. The firm says that the new layout is optimized for touch and will group results into cards, which is a design that we've been seeing a lot of from El Goog lately.

Rounding out Google's search-related announcements is the addition of comparisons and filters in the Knowledge Graph. Users can now ask Google to tell them about a certain topic, like impressionist artists, and then quickly switch the filter to learn about a different but still related topic, like abstract artists. Google can also compare two things, such as food, animals and items in outer space.

Overall it sounds like Google's got a nice mixture of updates rolling out in the coming days and weeks. The synced notifications and Google Now push alerts for the iOS Google Search app are especially welcome, as the version of Now on iOS has always been a bit lacking compared to its Android counterpart. While Google Now for iOS still won't be on quite the same level as the Android version after this update, it'll at least be a bit closer and could get the iOS crowd to start using Google Now more frequently. 

Via Inside Search