iPad 5 Smart Covers purportedly shown off in new video

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| September 26, 2013

iPad 5 Smart Covers leak

Apple's new iPad 5 has already starred in a number of leaks that show the device with a new, iPad mini-like design that includes narrower side bezels. Of course, a smaller iPad means that Apple will need to update its Smart Covers for the new size, and today a video has surfaced that claims to show exactly what these new Smart Covers will look like.

The new video, posted to YouTube by Unbox Therapy, shows some three-panel Smart Covers that fit a purported iPad 5 shell. Just like the existing Smart Covers, this updated model comes in several different colors, including orange, red, pink, green, gray, white, black and blue. One thing that's different about the updated Smart Cover is that it's moved to a three-panel folding design rather than sticking with the four-panel design of the current Smart Cover.

The Smart Cover is a double-duty accessory that can protect the display of an iPad and then be folded to prop up the tablet when it's in use. Case preferences will vary from person to person, but the Smart Cover is a nice way to get some light protection on an iPad and also stand it up when necessary, and I'm sure that many folks will be pleased to see that Apple is likely going to offer Smart Covers for its fifth-generation iPad. There's no word yet on how much Apple will charge for the new Smart Cover, but it'll likely be in line with the rate for the current model, which is available in a $39 polyurethane model and a $69 leather version.

Via YouTube: Unbox Therapy