Motorola DVX shown off in FCC test photos, expected to be low-cost Moto X variant

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| September 30, 2013

Motorola DVX front, rear FCC

Remember that low-cost version of the Moto X that Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside teased last month? Motorola hasn't said much of anything about the device since, but thanks to the Federal Communications Commission, some high-quality photos of the device had made their way online today.

An FCC listing has been discovered by a Reddit user that contains test photos of a new Motorola device that looks similar to the Moto X, but features some small tweaks that suggest that it could actually be the cheaper version of Motorola's flagship. Referred to by some as the "Motorola DVX," the phone features rounded corners, a centered rear camera with flash and Motorola dimple on its backside, all of which are present on the Moto X. However, this DVX model features a speaker that's been moved to the opposite side of the rear camera, as well as a front-facing camera that's on the other side of the phone's earpiece.

The model shown in these photos features the FCC ID "IHDT56PF1" and includes support for 850/1900MHz GSM and HSPA. There doesn't appear to be any LTE connectivity on board, backing up the claims that this is a low-cost device. Meanwhile, a similar Motorola device with the FCC ID "IHDT56PF3" also passed through the FCC recently, but this model includes support for Sprint's CDMA network. A recent leak revealed that Sprint MVNO Republic Wireless is planning to launch this "Motorola DVX" device, so that's one place that we could eventually see the DVX call home.

Straight-up spec details on this Motorola DVX are still fairly light, and the FCC listings don't provide much information about the phones beyond their wireless radios. However, the phone in the FCC's test photos looks just a smidge smaller than the Moto X, which features a 4.7-inch display. Unfortunately for us, the fact that these DVX devices have passed through the FCC's labs doesn't guarantee that they're close to launching, but it does mean that they're at least one step closer to making their retail debut.

Motorola DVX front FCC 2

Via Android Police, Reddit, FCC: IHDT56PF1, IHDT56PF3