Beats exec says 'large-format HTC device' coming this fall, likely referring to One Max

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| October 1, 2013

HTC One Max leak

It's now officially October and, even though one might think that the One Max has already been announced after seeing how many times it's leaked recently, HTC still hasn't given us a proper introduction to its phone/tablet hybrid. Just in case you needed any more evidence that a big ol' HTC phone is coming soon, though, Beats Electronics COO Luke Wood is happy to provide it for you.

In an interview with Stuff on Beats and its future, Wood touched briefly on his company's relationship with HTC. The exec explained that Beats still has a commercial deal with HTC that involves both the One and "several new devices" that are due out this fall. Wood described one of these products as "a large-format HTC device," adding that he's unsure if the Taiwanese phone maker has actually announced it or not yet. Looking ahead, Wood said that Beats has learned a lot in the time that it spent working with HTC but that he couldn't comment on whether or not that relationship will continue.

Despite the fact that Wood doesn't come straight out and say "HTC One Max," it seems likely that that's what he's referring to. Leaked images of the One Max have shown that it's still got Beats Audio branding on its backside, and a recent report suggested that HTC is planning to finally make the device official sometime in October. Here's to hoping that that rumor holds true so that we can stop staring at other people using the One Max and actually give HTC's "large-format device" a go for ourselves.

Via GSMArena, Stuff

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