Former MobileMe subscribers moved to free 5GB iCloud plan as complimentary 20GB upgrade expires

Published: October 1, 2013

Apple iCloud official

Heads up, former MobileMe subscribers, because your iCloud may be quite a bit smaller now than it was 24 hours ago. Our pals at Today's iPhone note that the 20GB complimentary storage upgrade that was given to MobileMe members after iCloud's introduction has now expired, meaning that unless those users are paying for additional space, their iCloud storage has been cut to 5GB. Apple has sent out emails to the affected members to let them know about the change.

On a support page for the complimentary MobileMe storage, Apple explains that if the storage being used in iCloud is higher than what's available, features like iCloud Backup, Documents in the Cloud and iCloud Mail will stop working. More iCloud storage can be purchased at a rate of $40 per year for 20GB or $100 per year for 50GB.

While it was nice of Apple to give former MobileMe users an extra 20GB of iCloud space after the new cloud storage service debuted, it's also kind of a bummer to see that major iCloud features will straight-up stop working for users that forgot to prepare for the change and are now taking up too much iCloud space. Thankfully that problem can be remedied fairly easily by clearing out extra iCloud backups, transferring backed up documents and photos to a different service or just purchasing more iCloud storage. Are you one of the former MobileMe users with an iCloud that's 20GB lighter?

Via Today's iPhone, Apple

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