Logitech gamepad for iPhone shows off its front and rear in leaked press renders [UPDATED]

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| October 1, 2013

One of the less talked about features that Apple introduced with iOS 7 is a new Game Controller framework, which makes it easy for users to connect a gamepad to their iOS hardware for expanded gaming control options. We haven't seen or heard much in the way of new controllers that take advantage of this framework yet, but today a newly-leaked image has shown that that could change very soon.

A press render posted by @evleaks claims to show a new Logitech gamepad for the iPhone. The controller features a housing that the iPhone can slot into, as well as a cutout on its backside so that the phone's camera and flash can still be used. The left side of the gamepad houses a D-Pad, the right side features a set of four colored buttons and the top of the unit appears to be home to two more buttons. In addition to a cutout for the iPhone's camera, the back of this Logitech gamepad has texturing on the sides, likely to help improve a user's grip.

Apple's developer documentation notes that there are a couple of types of gamepads that are supported in iOS 7. The first is a form-fitting controller that houses the phone itself, which the category that this Logitech gamepad appears to fall into, while the second is a wireless controller. Considering how big mobile gaming has become, it's good to see Apple baking support for hardware controllers directly into iOS. Many folks are unwilling to play games on a touchscreen, and some games either implement touch controls poorly or suffer because of the iPhone's lack of physical buttons, and so official support for hardware gamepads could really help to raise the level of gaming on iOS and get more folks interested in playing games on Apple's platform.

UPDATE: A third image of the Logitech gamepad has been shared by @evleaks. The render shows the controller at an angle and reveals that the two buttons on the top of the gamepad are textured. Check out the new image below.

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