Microsoft exec teases that more Surface tablets coming in 'multiple aspect ratios and sizes'

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| October 1, 2013

Microsoft Surface 2

Not quite feeling either of the new Surface tablets introduced by Microsoft last month? The Redmond firm isn't done trying to woo you into the world of Windows 8 quite yet, as one executive has revealed that Microsoft has plans for several more types of Surface tablet hardware

Speaking at an event in the Microsoft Store in Seattle last night, Surface creator Panos Panay was hit with a question regarding his company's plans for a smaller version of the Surface. Unsurprisingly, Panay didn't share any specific details, but Geekwire reports that he did tease that Microsoft has "multiple aspect ratios and sizes and awesome things" in the pipeline for its Surface line of tablets. Panay also said that an LTE-enabled version of the Surface 2 will debut next year, with the initial model likely to pack support for AT&T LTE, but that there are no plans for an LTE Surface Pro 2.

Having more choice is always a good thing, and as we've seen with the popularity of devices like the Nexus 7 and iPad mini, many consumers prefer smaller tablets for their portability. Microsoft's Surface tablets are currently only available with 10.6-inch displays, and so it seems like it'd be a wise move for the company to try out something a tad smaller for those folks that'd like a device that's easier to carry while on the go. The rumor mill has suggested that there's a Surface Mini in the works with a 7.5-inch, 4:3 display, which would make it similar in size to an iPad mini. Does that sound like a device that you'd be interested in?

Via The Verge, Geekwire