One of the best parts of our phones is that they are so advanced, and so open to new ways of doing things (thanks to their app stores, mostly), we always have options to get something done. Or, to enjoy something we like. There are plenty of games, and plenty of different applications to help us achieve something. None of that is a bad thing. Actually, it's quite the opposite.

It's all good because it brings competition. As consumers we should love competition from the people that bring us what we love, because it means it gets better -- and usually quickly. (Here's looking at you, Microsoft.) Even if a market is saturated, it just means that you can probably find something in the mix that works just for you, better than anything else.

Just look at the streaming music services out there. There are plenty to choose from, and the list keeps growing.

The latest addition? From a company that shouldn't be too shocking, but at the same time just a little unexpected. Beats Audio, the company that's made its fame for headphones over the years, is looking to get into the next part of what makes their name so popular. The music itself.

Yesterday, Beats COO Luke Wood confirmed some whispers that had been swirling around the Internet: the company's music streaming service will launch sometime in the next few months, probably before 2014. It'll be called Beats Music (points for creativity!), and while the streaming of music will be important, Wood made sure to point out that that isn't what it's all about.

According to the company's COO, Beats Music is putting the majority of the focus on curation and playlists. Beats Music isn't about its users trying to search out their favorite music. Beats Music will apparently be able to learn what you like the more you use it, and offer a "real depth of personalization."

This is all in hope that Beats Music will stand out against things like Rdio or Spotify. Of course, I think it's worth noting that both Rdio and Spotify make it a point that you *can* search for new music if you want, but you can also get recommendations based on the music you listen to the more you use it.

Specifically, Spotify recently launched "Discover," which does exactly that: give you a scrollable page of artists and songs that the application feels you like based on the music you've listened to. You can even get a quick sample of the song or artist it's suggesting, too.

If Beats Music wants to really stand out, then it's going to have to do a better job of recommending music for each individual user better than Spotify and Rdio. More than that, it's going to have to have a catalogue of music that stands up against those two options, not to mention go up against services like Xbox Music, Pandora and others.

But, that's the whole point, right? Beats Music may be the newcomer, but that doesn't automatically mean it won't be worth a look when it launches later this year. And, depending on how it stacks up against the competition, what it offers and how the app looks and handles on each platform it's available on, maybe it will be the perfect choice for more than a few out there.

The best part? If it is really, really good? Then that means services like Xbox Music, Spotify and Rdio will need to get better. That's a win-win for everyone, if you ask me.

So bring on Beats Music -- I'm excited to see what it offers, and how Beats plans on making it the music streaming service for everyone.

Are you interested in checking out Beats Music? Do you have room in your life for another streaming music service? Or are you looking for that perfect one still? Let me know!

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