Samsung's curved display smartphone shown off in new image leak [UPDATED]

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: October 8, 2013

Last month, a Samsung executive teased that his company would be introducing a new smartphone with a curved display in October. We haven't heard much about the mysterious device since then, but as is typically the case, the rumor mill has shed some light on Samsung's curvaceous phone before the official announcement.

Prolific leaker @evleaks just shared an image of a Samsung-branded smartphone that curves from side to side. The device is running Android beneath Samsung's custom TouchWiz UI, and we can also see that its got "SKT" branding in its status bar, suggesting that the handset will eventually reside on the shelves of South Korean carrier SK Telecom.

Details on what makes this curvy device tick are still light, but it's clear that one of the highlights of the phone will be its concave design. It'll definitely be interesting to see how Samsung explains the curve and the benefits that it offers over a phone with a flatter, more traditional shape. Because its curve goes from side to side, it's possible that this handset could be pretty comfortable to hold in hand. The good news is that we're already well into October, so we shouldn't have much longer to wait for Samsung to officially introduce us to its curvy creation.
UPDATE: Another image of Samsung's curved display smartphone has been posted by @evleaks. This second shot give us a look at the back of the phone, revealing a faux leather texture and stitching similar to what's found on the Galaxy Note 3. The device is said to feature the model number "SM-G910S" and, at least for now, is said to be "strictly a Korean curiosity." Sounds like you may have to get your import on if you want to give this curvy phone a go any time soon.

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