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T-Mobile global data roaming leak

Wondering what T-Mobile's got up its sleeve for phase three of its UnCarrier transformation? We may have just gotten a clue thanks to a Shakira fan page, which is a statement that I never thought I'd type out. The Facebook page has posted an image that shows Shakira in the same pose as the T-Mobile teaser from last week as well as a line that reads "Global data coverage in over 100 countries at no extra charge."

Anyone that's done any international travel is likely aware of how expensive global data packages can be when purchased through a U.S. carrier. Because of those high prices, it'd be a pretty big deal if T-Mobile begins offering free global data roaming, and I'm betting that such a move could make frequent globetrotters seriously consider switching to Magenta.

Obviously we're still missing quite a few details, but it's worth noting that both T-Mobile and CEO John Legere have been dropping hints on Twitter that tonight's announcement will have something to do with the whole world, and so it's certainly possible that free global data roaming is indeed coming. The good news is that we're just a few hours away from Legere, Shakira and Co. spilling all the beans. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: A new page on T-Mobile's website seemingly backs up this leak, claiming that the carrier's data is "going global" with service in more than 100 countries. The offer is reportedly coming in late October and requires a qualified postpaid Simple Choice plan. We're still fairly light on details, but this looks like it'll be a good night for globetrotters on T-Mobile.

T-Mobile global data leak

Via TmoNews, Facebook: Shakiramega, T-Mobile

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