Are you planning on skipping the Nexus 5?

Evan Selleck
Contributing Editor from  Arizona
| October 10, 2013

For fans of the mobile industry, any moment could be the moment we want another phone. Whether it's official or not, our eyes are usually always set well into the future, looking for the next phone we can get our hands on. It happens even if we're happy with the phone we currently own. There's always something better coming down the pipe, and since we're all aware of that, we're always on the lookout for something else. Something new. That new gadget we can be excited about all over again.

That's why it shouldn't be a surprise that people are looking forward to the next Nexus smartphone. So many people, in fact. It's a new phone, and with it new technology, new hardware, new features, and new software. There's no denying that many people probably want to buy the Nexus 5 simply because it's going to launch with Android 4.4 KitKat. Some folks want the newest software as soon as it's available.

It only helps that the Nexus 5 will probably be priced low enough to move plenty of units relatively quickly.

We can't put it all on the software though, now can we? Sure, Android 4.4 will probably be great, have plenty of new features, and bring a whole new horse to the "high-end doesn't have to be expensive" race, but it's not all about the software. The Android 4.4 herald will undoubtedly bring with it plenty of top-tier hardware, just as the Nexus 4 did before it. This time around, though, thanks to the G2 from LG, we have a pretty clear picture of what we should expect.

There have been plenty of leaks and rumors about the Nexus 5's specifications, but just for the sake of this article, let's run through them real quick.

First and foremost, we should see a display right around the 5-inch mark (some suggest 5.2-inches, like the G2), and it will boast a 1080x1920 resolution. That means we'll get a pixel per inch count right around 441. It will come in two forms: a 16GB model and a 32GB variant. It'll have LTE support for multiple carriers. On the back you'll find an 8MP camera, and on the front a 1.2-megapixel shooter. As was aforementioned, you'll find Android 4.4 KitKat tucked inside. It'll boast 3GB of RAM, and the processor is said to be Qualcomm's quad-core Snapdragon 800 model, which should be clocked right around 2.3GHz. The battery is rumored to be right around the 2300mAh mark.

As I said, we've seen plenty of leaks and heard plenty of rumors, so the majority of those specifications are probably done deals, set in stone and all that. Until it's official, though, I'm going to treat it as such.

I think the G2 is a great device, and that's why I'm so excited to see the Nexus 5. If it is indeed based on that device's features and specs, then I think it's going to be one of the best devices to land on the market all year, price tag notwithstanding. And by now you've probably seen plenty of people asking you about your future purcase, as if we all know you plan on buying the device no matter what. And hey, it's a great device, so why wouldn't you want to buy it, right?

That's the thing, though. Maybe you don't plan on buying it. Maybe, and I know this is going to sound crazy, just maybe you don't plan on throwing any money down in Google's direction for the next Nexus flagship smartphone. Maybe you're happy with what you have now and plan on keeping it. Or maybe you plan on buying something else entirely.

I want to take a look at the other end of the spectrum, because while there may be a lot of people out there who plan on buying the Nexus 5, I would be willing to bet that there are just as many folks planning on skipping it altogether.

And I want to know why.

Did you already buy a phone this year, and don't feel the need to get another one? Do you prefer to buy phones with a contract (and stick to it)? Is the rumored $300-350 price tag still too high to spend on a new device? Do you hate stock Android? Would you rather pick up the G2 instead? I'm very curious to hear from those who don't want to buy the Nexus 5, so let me know why you're skipping the next Nexus flagship device!

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