Winnergear Montar Universal Car Mount Review (Sponsored)

Published: October 10, 2013

Car mounts are one of the most overlooked, while at the same time, most useful accessories consumers can buy for their mobile device.  In fact, the idea of installing a mount in the car doesn't occur to most people until that important road trip has already begun or their screen is in several pieces because it slid off the dash and fell to its inevitable doom.  The Montar universal car mount by Winnergear aims to prevent such occurrences, and it becomes clear from the moment you unbox the mount that simplicity, ease of use, and effectiveness are the boundaries in which Winnergear tries to work within.

The Montar car mount is a sleek, simple, and good looking car mount.  While unboxing the mounting system I noticed how nice the overall presentation and design is.  The mount isn't made with cheap looking plastic, nor does it have bulky or clunky moving parts.  Winnergear has created a design that not only fits easily on any dash or windshield, but looks really good.  So often I see car mounts that are just an eyesore and seem to be in the way, but I am pleased to be using a mount that I don't mind leaving out even when I'm not using it.

The first thing I did with the mount after I opened it, but before I even installed it on my dash, was to quickly place my iPhone within its simple red grip and then test its firm grasp.  Maybe it’s the kid in me, but I always want to see how far I can push things before they give.  That being said, after a few quick shakes that simulated turbulence that my Ford Explorer would likely never encounter, I felt fairly happy with the Montar's reluctance to let go.  I had to shake it pretty hard to before my device came fumbling out.  

After passing my extreme turbulence test, it was time to install the Montar in my Explorer.  Installing the mount is really easy, you simply peel off the covering on the suction cup, find your spot, stick it down, and then pull down the small lever to lock the suction cup into place.  From there, the Montar didn't move off its base.  I could still easily adjust the grip, which is just single clasp that grips the device from the right and left sides, by loosening the back pivot point which allows you to turn and adjust the grip so that your device is facing whichever way you would like.

As far as functionality goes, it took me a while before I found something I didn't necessarily like about the Montar car mount.  It's really easy to move and adjust the direction of your phone while it's in the mount, you can easily press your buttons and display without feeling like you're going to push the device right out of the mount, and the firm but soft grip holds the phone steady without scratching it. However, when it comes to larger display devices, the Montar car mount is simply too small.  The mount is rated for 5.3" display size devices, so you are limited to average to small size devices when using the Montar car mount.  Even those using 5" devices like the Galaxy S 4 with a bulkier case should be cautious.  I see this issue as a pretty big limitation in an age where mobile devices are getting larger and larger.

The Verdict

The Good: The attractive presentation, easy to use functionality, and simple installation make the Montar universal car mount stand out among common generic models.
The Bad: The mount is limited to 5.3" devices in a world where average screen size continues to increase.
The Verdict:  If you're in the market of a new car mount, do yourself a favor and at least take a look at the Montar universal car mount.  It's easy to install, easy to adjust, and it looks great.  While the $34.99 price point may seem high for being such a small and simple mounting system, you quickly learn that the price is worth the easy functionality and good presentation. 

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