Did you return your iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c?

Evan Selleck
Contributing Editor from  Arizona
| October 11, 2013

Sometimes the best laid plans can go horribly, horribly wrong. And usually, especiallyw hen it comes to the mobile market and specific devices, it's not even our fault when it does go down the drain. The unfortunate part is that when we're dealing with technology, no matter how stable we assume something should be, sometimes it's just not. Sometimes, the more we use that new thing, the faster it breaks or the more faults we see with it.

For me, that has always been one of my worst pet peeves. I hate when a piece of technology gets worse the more I use it. Slows down, or lags, or whatever else. Maybe it's just something that's designed into the OS, into the very aesthetic, that bugs me more and more the more I use it. When that happens, it's practically exhausting.

Not only have you fallen in love with the phone, but you've become invested in it. You've learned how it works. What it can do (at least partially) and how well it can do it all. If it stops working the way it once did, the way it did during the first week, or even the first month, it can be ridiculously frustrating.

I've been there. I know how it feels.

Actually, it sort of happened with me just recently, beginning September 20 to be specific. Which is strange, because I had been using the software in question for quite some time before the 20th. But, that could have actually been the reason why it happened at all.

That date should look familiar to you. That's the date Apple released the iPhone 5s (and iPhone 5c) into the world. As you might expect, I found myself in a very small line (which grew pretty quickly after I got there) waiting for the doors to open so I could get my phone. I was excied enough, but considering I had been using the iOS 7 betas, I knew what I was getting into.

And let me be clear: I didn't, or don't I should say, have a problem with the changes that Apple made to iOS. I think iOS 7 looks fine, and there's no doubt that iOS needed an aesthetic overhaul. However, with that being said, I wanted them to change *one thing* throughout my time with the betas, and that was the transitions between apps, or moving back to the Home screen.

The phone, which is said to be faster in just about every category when compared to the iPhone 5, just feels slow, and that's due entirely to the animations. I know Apple is excited about those things, because it adds a little bit of flare to the experience, but for me it just slowed everything down and ruined it all for me. I felt like my phone had somehow managed to get slower, not faster, and it bothered me every single time I switched, closed, or opened an app.

And, if you use iOS, then you know there's a lot of time doing those things, day-in and day-out.

Ultimately, it led me to leave iOS. I didn't see that coming, but I also didn't expect Apple to keep those transitions as slow as they are. It's been three weeks since the iPhone 5s was released, but in truth I returned my device three days after it came out. What's worse (or better, I'm not sure) is that I don't miss it. I think I miss the iPhone, yes, and the stability and apps, but I don't miss iOS 7. I don't want to go back to it, which means I can't go back to iPhone.

But that's just me. The truth is, based on the reports we hear talked about quite often, iOS 7 is seeing plenty of problems across the board. Whether it's iMessage (which iPhone users probably use quite a bit, I know I did) or a Blue Screen of Death, the problems are big enough that anyone who uses the new software wouldn't be wrong to be annoyed by them. The question, though, would be if those issues are annoying enough to ditch the phone, or even the whole platform, entirely.

That's just the way it works sometimes. I moved on, and I'll keep moving on. But, now i want to hear from you. I want to hear from those who picked up an iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c, usd it for a bit (maybe even the full 14 days) then decided to return it. I want to know why you returned it. Was it the software? Did TouchID just not do it for you? Or was it something else entirely? Let me know!

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