I want a watch built around Google Now

Evan Selleck
Contributing Editor from  Arizona
| October 14, 2013

Smartwatches are a big focus these days. And while we're talking about smartwatches, we're also discussing what it means to have a watch on your wrist in today's age. Moreover, we're discussing more and more, even analyzing, what a watch even is. People have their definitions, and expectations, just as you might expect. That comes with a lot of years of watches being available, and the analyzing should be an expected result of technology trying to change the market in a big way.

And let's face it, that's what's happening here. Watches are the big center point, because our society is putting a bigger focus on wearable technology. We don't just want all the technology in our smartphones or tablets anymore. We don't want all our notifications on just one device. We want it easier. That's why devices like Google's Glass exist, and why we keep hearing about companies like Google, Apple, even Microsoft and LG working on their very own vision of the "smart" watch.

I've tried plenty of smartwatches. I've bought some and used them every day, but I ultimately haven't kept one. I've thought about getting a smartwatch, but then looked at the price tag and just shook my head. Some of them are priced way too high, and some of them aren't widely available. Smartwatches are indeed a huge focus in the technology market now, and that's not going to change as we inch closer to 2014, but there are a lot of people still waiting.

What are they waiting for? They're waiting for the big companies, like Samsung, to jump into the mix and create their own devices.

Samsung opened the gates with their Galaxy Gear device, and they've got their first device to work from, and to make better with subsequent iterations. And you'd be crazy to think that companies like Apple and Google didn't look at the Galaxy Gear, look at the reviews and customer feedback, and start changing a few key elements in their own design and ideas.

I don't think I want anything other than a Google Now wearable at this point.

There'd have to be some moderate additions, though, like two-way notifications. And, like Samsung's Galaxy Gear, I'd have to be able to open a text message on my phone just by accessing it through my smartwatch. But, at face value, I'd just want the Google Now experience on the watch.

Google's Now feature is great, and it makes a lot of sense on our smartphones. After all, most of us have our devices on us at all times, able to access our notifications as they come in. But, the way Google Now is built is around timely notifications, like with tracking shipments or map route notifications. How great would that be to not have to pull out your phone to get that information?

Instead of having to pull out your phone during a meeting to check a Google Now prompt, even something like a sports score update, you could nonchalantly check your watch and get the information you need. Is there an accident on your route home? See the change on your watch. And then be able to see the same information on your phone when you do finally pull it out of your pocket.

I'm looking forward to seeing what companies like Apple and Microsoft, and whoever else for that matter, come up with for their own wearable pieces of technology, but right now I think I'm most excited aout the idea of a Google Now wearable. What do you think of the idea? Would you buy a smartwatch built around Google Now? Let me know!