AT&T reveals $5 tablet data day pass, $25 three-month plan

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: October 17, 2013

AT&T logo

AT&T already offers a few different data plans to its customers that own cellular-enabled tablets, including 250MB, 3GB and 5GB standalone options as well as Mobile Share rates. Those plans may be a bit much for folks that typically stick to Wi-Fi hotspots when using their tablets, though, especially for anyone that primarily uses their device at home. In response, AT&T today announced two new tablet data plans aimed at consumers that aren't heavy cellular data users but would like to occasionally connect their tablet to the cellular network.

The first new offering is priced at $5 per day and includes 250MB of data. The second plan is a bit pricier at $25, but it includes 1GB of data that can be used any time during a three-month period. "We really think that a Wi-Fi only tablet is good, but it is not good enough,” AT&T SVP Chris Penrose said while explaining his company's new plans. To make signing up for one of these bite-size plans simple, AT&T says that customers will be able to purchase them directly from their tablets.

As I mentioned earlier, these new tablet data plans are obviously targeted at AT&T customers that are light data users and those folks that would normally stick to Wi-Fi connections but could use a cellular connection for a brief period of time. And hey, if those folks that find that they enjoy having an always-on connection with their tablet, I'm sure that AT&T would be cool with them moving up to a larger and more regular data plan after sampling one of the smaller options. 

Via AllThingsD, Engadget