How often do you learn new things about your phone?

Evan Selleck
Contributing Editor from  Arizona
| October 18, 2013

Little computers in our pockets. Our phones have quad-core processors, high-definition displays, and cameras that rival standalone devices (in some cases). Our phones are ridiculous pieces of technology and they're only getting better. I love all of it. Even if I can't use all of them, or manage to keep most of them for one reason or another, I just love how great they are.

I've got a friend that has an Android-based device and he likes using it. I'm not sure which model it is exactly, but I know it's from Motorola. He loves the camera, the display, the size, and just about everything else about it. He's stuck with Motorola for a long while now, actually. Guess we can safely say he doesn't hate them.

In any event, his phone does a lot of things, right? Just like a lot of other phones these days. All that power under the hood, and all those features tucked inside. He doesn't have any problem telling everyone his phone's powerful, and it can do all sorts of things. The trouble? He doesn't even know how to do half that stuff.

It makes me laugh every time, honestly.

One of the first things I do when I get a new phone is just play around with it. I dig into the settings, I open apps I'd probably never open up again under any circumstances. I check out the text messages layout, I even look at the layout of the camera. I do what I can to learn practically everything about the phone, and as quickly as I can.

I go throuh all of those things, go through the entirety of the phone, learn everything I acn about it and find out what it can do, just so I know what my phone is capable of. Actually, it's mostly becase I hate not knowing what my phone, or other devices for that matter, can do.

The same thing happens every time, though. Every. Single. Time. I'll learn all of those things, and then I just stop using most of it. Granted, some things you use by default, like the processor, or the display. Those don't count. I'm talking more like the, you know, phone portion of the device. I get probably three phone calls a day, and I probably ignore all of them. Well, unless they're important.

I buy a phone and then don't use the phone part of it. There has to be some kind of irony in there. But, what I do use the most of? Twitter apps (yes, I use a lot of them for some reason), and instant messaging apps, and sports apps. I basically use my phone to check on information, and use text instead of my voice.

Am I the only one who does this? Am I the only one who doesn't actually use the phone on my . . . phone? What do you use on your phone the most? The internet browser? Text messaging or social networking apps? Let me know what you bought your phone for!

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