AT&T HTC One max image leaks out along with 'Sony Xperia Z1S' render

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| October 20, 2013

What's the best part of waking up? Why, it's some leaked Android phones in your cup! That's precisely what I've got for you today, as @evleaks has shared some images of unannounced handsets that you may be interested in.

First up is an image of an HTC One max for AT&T. When HTC finally made the One max official last week, both Sprint and Verizon confirmed that they would be adding the supersized smartphone to their lineups. However, we didn't hear a word about the device from the two largest GSM carriers in the U.S. This leaked render suggests that AT&T will be completing the HTC One trio, though, after releasing both the original One and One mini earlier this year.

The AT&T One max that's shown in this leaked shot appears to be fairly similar to its international sibling. AT&T has added a couple of its own touches to the phone, though, including adding its name to the status bar as well as its 4G LTE logo. It also looks like AT&T will be taking a page out of Verizon's playbook and tattooing its globe logo in between the HTC One max's Back and Home buttons.

In addition to this AT&T One max image, @evleaks has posted a render of a device referred to as the "Sony Xperia Z1S." This handset is a bit of a mystery, as Sony has announced the Xperia Z1 and Japanese carrier NTT DoCoMo recently revealed the miniaturized Xperia Z1 f, but there's been no peep about an Xperia Z1S. The image shows a phone that looks fairly similar to the Xperia Z1, but with a front-facing camera that's flipped to the left side of the Sony logo and a headphone jack that appears to be more centered on top of the unit.

One other aspect of the Xperia Z1S image that may help us identify the device is located in its status bar. Located next to its signal strength indicator is a "4G LTE" logo that looks fairly similar to the one used on T-Mobile phones, such as this HTC One. Additionally, a previously-leaked image of the Xperia Z1 with T-Mobile branding on its backside featured a headphone jack that appears to be nearly centered on its top, adding support to the theory that the Z1S is simply the Z1 for T-Mobile. 

So when might we be able to ogle these two Android phones on store shelves rather than on flickering screens? There's no concrete availability information for either model yet, but both Sprint and Verizon have said that they plan to offer the One max this holiday season, so it's possible that we could see AT&T do the same.

The Xperia Z1S is more of a question mark since we don't yet know its true identity. If it is the Xperia Z1 for T-Mobile, hopefully Magenta launches in sometime in the coming months so that T-Mo customers looking to treat themselves to a new smartphone for the holidays can at least consider Sony's offering.

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