Featured user review HTC One 10-21-13

The PhoneDog
Mascot from  Charleston, SC
| October 21, 2013

In another landslide victory over the competition, the HTC One took first place by over 200 votes.  Keeping the streak at 31 weeks, the fans continue to support this powerhouse smartphone.  

"An amazing feel with a gorgeous design."  By JOHN NATHAN on October 20, 2013

Absolutely love this phone. Haven't felt or seen any phone like this. Yes there are other phones with more features, however this phone wins the MVP award in my book. This phone has everything and does everything at such an exceptional level. On top of it all the phone looks absolutely gorgeous. Phones like the S4, 5S, G2 are great phones with incredible features, but they don't feel like $600+ phones. Rather they feel more like toys packed with gadgets. The HTC One actually feels like an expensive gadget. Unlike the competitor plastic feel, the One has a nice cool effect when you pick it up from a table or desk and the slightly heavier weight gives the phone a more natural feel in the hand. The One does a great job of sticking with simplicity while not compromising performance. It doesn't over load the user with a million options and features that we may never use. People are always on the run, they don't have time to explore their phones. There is no point in packing a phone with so many features, we have computers for that. The HTC One is an amazing phone because it keeps things simple, anyone using this phone for the first time will get the hang of it in about a day's time. The camera features like Zoe and live gallery are some of the features that people will not find in other phones. Not to mention the Beats Speakers which sound absolutely amazing. You can say whatever you want about the HTC One but no one can deny that the phone has the best speakers on the market. To summarize the One is simple and easy to use, has an amazing camera and Zoe is unmatched, the design (metal finish with shiny edges) will definitely catch your attention, the phone feels amazing in the hand, and has the best speakers on the market.

Display 5/5
Battery Life 4/5
Apps & Media Support 5/5
Reception & Call Quality 5/5
Design/Form Factor 5/5

Overall 4.8

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