The iPad mini 2 better have a Retina display

Evan Selleck
Contributing Editor from  Arizona
| October 21, 2013

Apple still has a lot to cover, or at least that's what they're telling us. With their latest invitation, there are still a lot of colors being tossed around, but this time we've ditched the small circles in favor of . . . elongated flower petals? Maybe it's a leaf, a lot of colorful leaves, considering they're bursting from the top of the Apple.

An explosion of colorful leaves.

After all that, Apple tells us they've still got a lot to cover, and no doubt they do. They've got a lot of tablets to go over, to talk about new features, and how iOS 7 will work on the-- oh wait, we already know that part, since iOS 7 has been available for some iPad models for a little while now. But hey, this is new hardware, so maybe a few things will change here and there.

New is always better, right? That's what a lot of hopeful people are anticipating, it seems, especially when it comes to the smaller iPad of the family. There has been a constant back-and-forth with the upcoming iPad mini 2 (or whatever they decide to call it), most of it focused on the display. While the consensus is that Apple will keep the size the same, no one can seem to agree on whether or not Apple will give it a Retina display or not.

On one hand, you've got those people who think it's a no-brainer. After all, Retina displays and Apple have practically become synonymous at this point for their mobile devices, and while the MacBook Air may not have been upgraded quite yet, there doesn't seem to be any reason why Apple wouldn't upgrade the iPad mini 2 in that way.

On the other, it just boils down to the simple fact that nothing is certain, not even a move like that. Apple may have their reasons why they don't give the iPad mini 2 a Retina display, and I'm sure we'll never know why (officially) if they decide to go that route.

But, just to put it out there, I think the iPad mini 2's upgrade to a Retina display is just about the only thing that absolutely has to happen. Sure, we're going to see an increase in the processor, probably a little bit more RAM, and the cameras will get upgraded in one way or another. But the Retina display is essential, if you ask me.

Simply because the original iPad mini's display isn't that great. I don't use it to read, or read comics, or play games that are known to have great graphics simply because the iPad mini's display isn't good. Okay, it's good, but it's not anywhere near great. It's just good. And for my two daughters who don't care about pixels, that's fine. But for me, and the majority of other people I've spoken to since the launch of the first iPad mini, it's just not good enough.

Apple's event for their next evolution of the iPad is tomorrow, and I'm honestly excited to see what Apple brings to the table. But, I'm also wary. I'm cautious simply because all this talk about the iPad mini 2 not having a Retina display just won't go away, and those are the scary rumors. The ones that won't fade away with time. The only thing working in my favor at this point is that the rumors about the iPad mini 2 having a Retina display won't go away, either. So, it's a push-and-pull that will thankfully go the way of the Dodo tomorrow.

I am excited to see the next iPad mini. I'm looking forward to seeing what it looks like in gold and space gray. I'm even excited about T-Mobile getting a Cellular-based model (if John Legere's excitement is any indication of what's to come, mind you).

But my girls don't care if I upgrade their tablet. They are plenty happy with what it does now, and they could care less what it looks like. (Though, I will admit they'd probably tell me the gold one is pretty.) Apple is going to have to make me think it's worth upgrading, and not simply because I like to have new things. The iPad mini 2 needs a Retina display if I'm going to trade in the old one for the new one. It's just as simple as that, when it comes to my situation, anyway.

So what will it take for you to upgrade, or even buy at all, Apple's successor to the iPad mini? Are you remotely interested in Apple's small tablet? Or do you have your sights set on another tablet altogether? Or are you simply skipping it because it's an Apple product? Will you consider buying it if it does have a Retina display? Let me know!