Sprint's Samsung Galaxy Mega leaks out again, this time in black

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: October 25, 2013

We already know that Sprint plans to add the Samsung Galaxy Mega to its lineup of Android hardware, and earlier this month a leak revealed that Hesse and Co. will be offering the white version of Samsung's 6.3-inch slab of a smartphone. Sprint customers that prefer their phablets in a hue that's a little darker shouldn't worry, though, as a new pair of images has shown that the Now Network will also offer a black version of the Mega.

Posted to Twitter by @evleaks, the renders shown a black version of the Samsung Galaxy Mega that looks just like the white variant from last month, save for the darker paint job. There's no Sprint branding to be found on the unit itself, but the carrier has gone ahead and included its own "4G LTE" branding in the device's status bar as well as a Sprint Zone app on its home screen.

It's always nice to have some different color choices when considering a particular smartphone for the position of "Daily Driver," and so I'm sure that any Sprint customers that are interested in the Galaxy Mega will appreciate that their carrier is planning to stock both the black and white versions of this device. Unfortunately, we still don't know when Sprint is planning to launch the Galaxy Mega outside of a vague "later this year" timeframe given to us by the carrier back in August. At least now Sprint customers have time to decide which version of the Galaxy Mega they'll pick up whenever the device finally does plod its way into stores.

Via @evleaks

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